Vehicle Registration Renewal

WHAT IS a vehicle registration renewal?

In Alberta, vehicle registration renewal must be done annually. The Alberta Government sends out a Vehicle Registration Renewal notice to your registered address about two months before your registration becomes due (the due date is the last day of the month determined by the first letter of your last name – see Vehicle Registration).

If you do not receive your renewal notice in the mail, you are still required by law to renew your vehicle registration. When you come into Richmond Road Registry to renew your vehicle, we will give you new stickers to put on your Alberta vehicle licence plate which are valid for one year.


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How do you get a vehicle registration renewal?

this service must be done in store

When you come in to Richmond Road Registry, please bring in the following documents:

  • Valid Alberta insurance pink slip (please note the name on the slip MUST match the name of the person on the registration).
  • Renewal notice sent to you in the mail by the government.
  • No renewal notice? No problem, we can print a new one.
  • Changes to your registration? You will need to show personal identification.


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